At Furthest point and feeling it.

Back through the forest
8th August
Road food- 2 eggs and bananas.
Distance- 100km

Today was a planned rest day in a good hotel on the edge of the forest but it’s empty and no internet. Boo. So hit the road again back tracking yesterday’s route. Riding through the national park is so different as there’s no people only monkeys and sounds of the forest. Until I see my touring buddies. ‘Friends Friends!!’ I’m so happy we have a chat talking of pubs of far away things in the middle of the forest in the middle of Africa, it’s pretty special. They’d camped in the middle of the forest paying 30USD each as that’s the price you pay to be in the woods. Mind you I can’t talk with ‘treating myself’ to something I didn’t actually like, the hotel and cost 128USD. Rwanda is savvy with tourist USD. You can see the money goes straight into the community from schools to health centres.

Second part of the forest was heavy going with big machinery and more dust. The Chinese build these roads, it’s local workmen with Chinese foreman. I was getting hungry so trying to find somewhere to eat with no workman around was tricky. I feel too vulnerable to be around people alone in the wood so settle with sitting on a bolder cracking my egg open. A lorry stops up the road and someone hops out and walks toward me. It’s probably innocent but I’m back on the bike, I’ll eat the egg on the go. Coming out I saw hundreds of well ordered huts on the hill and as I came closer there’s a sign for ‘refugee camp’. Apparently these people are coming over from DR of Congo.




9th August
Gikongoro- Nyamabuye
Distance 110km
Road food- boiled eggs, bananas and peanuts.

Beautiful early morning light when I set off in a village on top of a hill which was a 15 minute descent. Hundreds of people carrying produce up the climb. Along the river valley bike taxis waiting to peddle the fresh cut produce to trade.

I’m tired. It’s a hot day and everyone wants to interact and there’s lots of hissing. I know in Rwandan culture they’re just trying to get my attention but today, please no more. I’m saddle sore and have no go. People are so surprised and excited to see a the white woman on a bike and I’ve nothing to give. The hills were long and the local buses were especially aggressive. Was nice to finish at a hotel I’d visited before. Tried my luck on the large dairy milk in the shop as worried it would taste different but it’s the same. If i’d eaten that much chocolate that quickly I would have felt a little guilty but it was amazing. Thank you Cadburies. One more day of riding tomorrow and I’ll be back with team Rwanda. Thank god I need a break as ridden 1000km already.


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