Back to the highlands and team Rwanda

10th August
Road food- bananas, honey sandwich from breakfast & biscuits
Nyamabuye- Musanze and team Rwanda

Sunday morning
Top of mountain in the mist, gospel singers song floating through the mist. It felt very spiritual, followed by an ominously long decent (what goes down must come up)
Map said 100km, road signs 85km actually distance 130km with a Lot of climbing as heading back into the highlands.
Photo below is of a lad who ran up the mountain with me, they seem to love hanging out with umuzungus. Once you’re past the ‘give me money’ bit they’re okay. It’s just there’s so many kids here.
On the final 6km climb back to team Rwanda there was a head wind so I tucked in behind a bike taxi and let him do the work (wheel sucker I am but not daft) Rolled in at 4 and felt great to be back yet totally done in.
Using internet for the first time in 7 days I was able to upload the routes onto Strava. The amount of climbing is what I would have done in the Alps. No wonder I’m tired. Watched a thunderstorm roll in and the rain came down hard whilst sitting on the porch at Team Rwanda, its coming to the end of the dry season. I feel safe being back and feel i can let my guard down.

11th August
First rest day
Food- anything I can get my hands on.

Below is a photo of Weston picking salad for lunch. He’s a BMX pro and coaches the team. Team Rwanda have an expansive vegetable patch which grows all year as it’s temperate here.

Spent the day chilling out and planning the next move. Eating, lots of eating my metabolism has shot up. Diane from ‘Outspoken cyclist’ in the states asked for an interview so had a skype call in the evening with her. Two English lads staying with the team who are climbing the volcano tomorrow. ‘Space for a little one?’ I ask. So a second day out the saddle which is good as the saddle sore could do with another days rest. That’s enough detail.




One thought on “Back to the highlands and team Rwanda

  1. I heard your interview on the Outspoken Cyclist and admire what you’re doing. That’s why I followed your blog, and Instagram (I’m “onabike”). I do a lot of bike touring and bike commuting but nothing like what you are doing. My Grandparents were from Hull, Yorkshire and I spent 2 weeks biking around London and the Yorkshire country side a few years back. A wonderful experience. Good luck to you and your adventures.

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